Spring is on the way

The daffodils are blooming. Not far from here there are Dafffodil Weekends with various walks through the wild daffodils now a rare sight in England. We have just planted 8 new trees to fill in the gaps left in our orchard. We have planted two eater cookers called Newton Wonder and five cider trees called Dabinett and Michelin. The trees are the old fashioned type i.e. standard apple trees where the branches start at about six foot up the trunk of the tree. We are trying to preserve the orchard as a traditional orchard as it has been since the mid 16th century. Soon it will be Easter and then the May Bank Holiday Weekend when we have Blossomtime events at the Big Apple in Putley. Well worth a visit to learn all about apples, apple growing and cider making.

New Year 2015

The severe frosty weather of late has brought the birds to our bird feeders in great numbers. Our regulars of blue tits, great tits, robins and greater spotted woodpeckers have been accompanied by some less frequent visitors. A flock of long tailed tits passed through the other day to feed on the peanuts, such pretty delicate birds. The noisy, argumentative fieldfares are to be seen in our orchards feeding on the left over apples. As well as cider fruit we have Bramleys and Newton Wonder apples. We store these for winter use and some areĀ juiced by our Jus Juice for us. We leave the remainder on the ground. They are not wasted but provide valuable winter feed for a variety of bird blackbirds, thrushes, magpies, fieldfares, pheasants all seem to enjoy them.